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Over 30 award-winning creatives, strategic thinkers and brand activators dedicated to getting clients’ brands into baskets.

  • Andrew Watkinson
    Andrew Watkinson
  • Rob Ellingham
    Rob Ellingham
    Creative Director
  • Alice Freeman
    Alice Freeman
  • Mark Burgess
    Mark Burgess
    Business Director
  • Andre Da Silva
    Andre Da Silva
    Account Handling
  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter
    Managing Director
  • Emma Richards
    Emma Richards
    Account Handling
  • Tim Carter
    Tim Carter
    Business Director
  • Margaret Omoyele
    Margaret Omoyele
    Account Handling
  • Eddie Finch-Hawkes
    Eddie Finch-Hawkes
  • Cally Archibald
    Cally Archibald
    Account Handling
  • Leo Lapinski
    Leo Lapinski
  • Matt Howes
    Matt Howes
    Account Handling
  • Wain Lim
    Wain Lim
  • Jonathan Sweatman
    Jonathan Sweatman
  • Chris Hore
    Chris Hore
    Account Handling
  • Barbara Renn
    Barbara Renn
    Human Resources
  • Sarah Gould
    Sarah Gould
    Finance & Operations Director
  • Sara Qayyum
    Sara Qayyum
  • Maureen Onyejiaka
    Maureen Onyejiaka
    Account Handling
  • Mark Reay
    Mark Reay
  • Tanya Kozarski
    Tanya Kozarski
    Account Handling
  • Chris Cooper
    Chris Cooper
    Head of Planning
  • Jaspreet Kaur
    Jaspreet Kaur
    Account Handling
  • Bo Spasic
    Bo Spasic
  • Arturo Ceraulo
    Arturo Ceraulo

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