Billy Boy condoms

The Challenge

Contraception is still a relatively sensitive subject, but condoms are no longer talked about in the hushed tones they once were – especially when its 18 -24 year olds you are talking to. The brand is now as important as the product. So when Germany’s number one condom brand decided to launch in the UK they approached us to make Billy Boy the big name in condoms.

Applying Buyologic®

Never has understanding a mindset been more important to our consumer creative. Applying Buyologic® determined an ‘influential’ shopper mindset that deserved a slightly unconventional shopper journey approach. To guarantee a captured audience we decided the best voice for our launch was a stand-up comedy tour and the perfect audience were students.

The Bang on Comedy Tour was the main event during fresher’s week at four universities, raising brand awareness – in a way that totally removed any potential embarrassment. For each ‘Bang on’ gig we fully branded the student bar, where students could also meet our ‘BILLY BOY Willy’ character. We also installed a photo-booth, to generate uploads and interaction with the BILLY BOY Facebook page.

By taking a more punchy, less preachy, approach, BILLY BOY is the new best friend to a whole new generation in the UK.


Barriers Analysis

Shopper Journey Planning

Touchpoint Priorities

The Results


samples distributed on comedy tour


would consider buying BILLY BOY condoms


would tell their mates about BILLY BOY

“Promoting condoms to young people is a delicate process that requires a great deal of sensitivity. smp came up with an approach that was witty, interactive and fun. It went down a storm with our target audience. There was a huge increase in stories about BILLY BOY on Facebook and we were able to make significant in-roads into the UK youth market. We couldn’t be more pleased with the way the campaign went.”

Chris Clarke


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