How Andrex® do you feel?

The Challenge

The toilet tissue category had been declining, with shoppers becoming disengaged and defaulting to price-based decisions. As a result, they weren’t making considered product choices.

Applying Buyologic®

After researching 2,000 UK residents, we also found that feeling clean and, as a result, fresh and confident, is what really matters. We also identified ‘secure’ as the dominant mindset of category shoppers, with reluctance to depart from tried & tested repertoires.

Therefore we needed to reframe the category, re-engage secure-minded shoppers, and encourage them to make more informed decisions.

Understanding this meant we could communicate the product benefits – but how do you talk about toilet habits with sensitive shoppers?

The unashamed attitude of children became rich creative territory; a catalyst that led to a campaign based around their unconventional responses to being asked how clean Andrex® made them feel. Taking this platform, we worked with the brand team and sales force to create individual customer strategies and activations, combining their knowledge with retailer objectives to deliver success in each store.

Our Touchpoint Priorities tool enabled us to identify key touchpoints using consumer and retailer data, whilst Barriers Analysis highlighted the most effective media combinations, which we continually optimised by measuring ROI as we went along. This resulted in exclusive and extensive retailer displays that the brand had never achieved before.


Barriers Analysis

Shopper & Experiential ROI

Strategies on a Page

Touchpoint Priorities

The Results


increase in those stating Andrex® was ‘Worth Paying For’


increase in those intending to purchase


return on media for every £1 spent


opportunities to see, exceeding the objective by 64%

“smp’s in-depth knowledge of customer behaviour and their unparalleled understanding of retail led to the creation and delivery of exceptional tailor-made activations. Our partnership with smp was vital in delivering a multi-disciplined campaign that surpassed expectations and exceeded all KPIs.”

Matt Stone

Marketing Manager, Family Care

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