The Challenge

Double digit year-on-year growth was proof enough that Batiste had its fans, but was this Britain’s No1 dry shampoo of choice? The brand’s success was largely due to word of mouth but its awareness amongst 18-34 year old women was trailing at 44%. And penetration of the overall shampoo category was barely making an impression at only 5%. A major brand makeover was needed to turn these figures around.

Applying Buyologic®

We identified a ‘Secure’ mindset as dominant in this category. ‘Secure’ shoppers tend to avoid risks, particularly around long-established hair care regimens. Yet we knew that women who use Batiste love Batiste, therefore the solution was to get it in their hands.

Trial would grow this brand, so we rolled out a series of experiential events to give the live experience needed to educate our audience. To add extra glamorous appeal we offered shoppers a chance to appear in the next Batiste press advertisement. Each participant was photographed. The shot was then incorporated into a fashion photo mosaic to be featured in the ad. This mosaic approach allowed us to extend the kudos of being famous to everyone who took the trial.

We captured data through sign up to Batiste’s Facebook page and eCRM database. Monthly emails followed up their experience, promoting a new Batiste variant and reinforcing the brand’s personality.

A wave of digital media and social media banners drove traffic to the Batiste website Facebook page and retailer sites. Through a mix of eCoupons, brand offers in key retail partners and a suite of ‘how to’ product demonstration videos we encouraged trial and overcame purchase barriers – resulting in Batiste becoming the reach for brand in the dry shampoo market.


Shopper Journey Planning

Barriers Analysis

Touchpoint Priorities

The Results


YOY sales increase


increase in penetration


higher click-through rates than industry average

“The expectations for the 2012 campaign were high. Batiste had recently been acquired by new owners, Church & Dwight, and it was important to deliver high levels of growth and bring new consumers to the brand. It was clear that smp had a big job to do. And they didn’t disappoint. Their activity played a crucial role in helping us achieve our highest ever brand share. We’re absolutely delighted with the results.”

Jo Marshall

Marketing Manager, Batiste Dry Shampoo

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